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Taylor Gordon
Mason Turner

Capgemini Elections app description.

The Capgmeini Elections app was created to be used by voters to acquire information on upcoming elections in their area and the candiates running in local and federal elections.

On the Home Page, users are prompted with different tabs to navigate to. These include an Elections page, Voter Info page, News page, and Login/Register pages.Additionally, the Home Page includes a button linking to the government's voter registration website, where users can register to vote.

Once on the elections page, users can view upcoming elections including the office thats being decided, the location, and the date of the vote. Additionally, there is the functionality for user's to post the election information to either twitter or facebook.

The Voter info page includes information that is connected to an address entered by the user. The page will return the user's polling location based on the address, and the candidates running in their local elections. In addition to candidate name, the page will show the party they are aligned with, as well as their website and social media links.

The News page's function is to present the users with different news stories. It also allows the user to search news stories according to a key word. Lastly, there is a post to twitter or facebook button.

Users can also login or register for an account to Capgemini Elections. This gives the user the option to set an email and phone number to receive notifications about upcoming elections.

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